Premium Cannabis,
Grown in Michigan.

Grow Haven is one of Michigan’s top cannabis cultivators.

Our story starts with accessability

Premium Cannabis Flower.

Grow haven started as a group of west coast and Midwest growers whom all came together with a common goal.

Make premium-grade cannabis accessible to all.

“Our attention to detail and pride in our craft allows us to continue growing exceptional quality cannabis without cutting corners as most in our industry have done.”

Chris Smith,

Sales Director, Grow Haven

michigan cannabis grow haven bud

Cannabis Flower

Sticky. Terpy. Loud.
Michigan Grown, Premium Cannabis.

Alien Hallucination

Hybrid Strain


Hybrid Strain

Exotic Cannabis Flower, Wedding Crasher, Grow Haven

Wedding Crasher

Hybrid Strain

Why Dispensaries Love Us

Our Premium-Grade Cannabis Makes Customers Happy.

We offer popular and exotic cannabis grown with love. Cutting corners to meet market expectaions isn’t what we are into. We continue to grow the best cannabis in Michigan at a price point our distributors love.


What People Are Saying.

“Their THC level is consistanly higher than normal for the strain being tested and overall they deliver an excellent product.”

Jeff Post

Product Tester, Cannalab

“Grow Haven has consistently delivered cannabis that exceeds our expectations. Our customers love how it’s usually stronger when compared to the same strain from others and it’s cleaner. It’s an amazing value for our customers.”

Kevin James

Purchasing Manager, Dispensary

“Our customers love the product.”

Isabella Edwards

Buyer, True North